About us

We are group of marine professionals, experienced in tankers, bulk carriers, containers and passengers vessels. Provides technicians and flying repair teams to ship repair yards, marine technical companies, fleet technical management companies, new buildings shipyards, and dry-docking facilities in Europe and worldwide. Our ship repair services in any world harbour, mainly handling overhauls and emergency repairs carried out by our flying squads and service engineers, are available 24 hours-round-the-clock.

Our sea-going teams are able to make repairs on the way. Others are constantly on standby and can travel to any port for on-the-spot repairs.

Ship management

  • Crewing Agency,
  • Technical support + management.
  • Technical supply

Electronic & electrical

Sale and instalation of innovative fuel consuption system.

LSA (life saving appliances)

  • inspection of lifeboats,
  • inspection of davits,
  • inspection of gangways,
  • inspection of life rafts,
  • sales of LSA equipment.


  • visual testing,
  • penetrant testing,
  • magnetic-particle testing,
  • ultrasonic testing,
  • radiographic testing.

Welding & designing jobs

  • welding of new steel structures,
  • repair of steel structures,
  • supervision and quality control during welding,
  • designing and redesigning of steel structures,
  • implementation of new welding technologies.


  • measurements and services in the field of electronics and automation engineering,
  • plate refreshing and repairing, reconstruction plates and electronics,
  • electrical and electronical protection of generators,
  • service and installation of alarm and control system,
  • service of power plant auxiliaries (pumps, compressors, oil separators, centrifuges),
  • service of voice communication systems (telephones, intercoms, master communicators),


  • service power electronics, automation and inverters,
  • service on-board electrical systems (lighting, audio, winches),
  • diagnostics and repair of cathodic protection systems and antifouling protection systems,
  • periodical survey, calibration and adjustment of pressure transducers, pressure controls, thermostats, indicators, etc,
  • installation of flue gas temperature measurement systems,
  • installation and maintenance of fire protection systems.

Hull survey

  • survey of the vessel hull,
  • thickness measurements according to classification society rules,
  • close-up survey,
  • preparing after survey/measurement documentation including drawings for shipowner and classification societies,
  • preparing renewal specification for shipyard,
  • counting amount of steel which is needed to be replaced.

Fire Fighting

  • building new CO2 & fire fighting systems,
  • inspection and certification of extinguishers,
  • inspection and certification of CO2 systems,
  • inspection and certification of fire fighting system,
  • inspection and certification of breathing apparatus,
  • sales of fire fighting equipment.

Engine room

Repair of:

  • main and auxiliary engines,
  • auxiliary machineries
  • water systems,
  • oil systems,
  • fuel systems,
  • air systems,
  • hydraulics systems;


  • of mechanical expenditure,
  • for the determination of regulation data;

How to Find us
JPP Marine sp.z o.o is located in Szczecin, Poland, on Celna 1/13 street
Phone: + 48 91 43 14 323 | FAX: +48 91 43 14 324
Mobil: + 48 501 270876 | Mail: zjag@jppmarine.com
Technical management and drydocking services:
Phone + 48 609 530 033 | Mail: piotr@jppmarine.com

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